Can vitamin C from the Baobab Fruit Help your body fight Coronavirus?

Daily Express Coronavirus News: The Baobab Fruit Could Help Protect You

The UK-based newspaper, Daily Express, recently reported on the importance of maintaining high levels of vitamin-C by taking Baobab fruit powder daily, as a defense against respiratory infections. With the current increase in cases of the Coronavirus around the world, we know the Baobab fruit’s ability to boost the immune system could prove to be crucial.

Vitamin C has long been known as one of the most powerful defenses our body needs to fight off infections and viruses. The intake of vitamin C sends signals to the body to produce more white blood cells, the body’s natural defenders, which then attach to the invasive microbes and kill them. Vitamin C isn’t produced by the body and can therefore only be obtained through food.

This is where we know the Baobab fruit really excels. One tablespoon can provide over half of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C for an adult. This can be up to ten times more than the content of oranges. Because it comes in powder form, it is easy to incorporate into a daily smoothie, bowl, or salad, giving your body the tools it needs to fight off any unwanted bacteria.

Because the Baobab fruit is a raw, naturally occurring food, the bioavailability of the vitamin, and therefore, successful absorption is higher than lab-made supplements. As the fight against infection around the world continues, this may become an even more important factor, like vitamin C is currently being trialed in China as a potential cure for the Coronavirus. If these trials are successful then the fruit’s bioavailability could make it a primary resource in the treatment against the disease.

As well as excellent vitamin C levels, the Baobab fruit offers a number of other desirable health benefits that support the body daily and during potentially difficult times. Due to its high fiber content, the fruit is an excellent prebiotic, providing fuel for the healthy bacteria that protect our gut lining. As well as helping to regulate blood sugar levels, the Baobab fruit is also packed with adaptogens, natural substances that are able to decrease the level of stress, anxiety, fatigue, and tiredness in the human body, something that we could all use right now.

At Baobab Foods, we aim to show the world how beneficial the Baobab fruit can be when used daily as part of a healthy, well-balanced diet. Our founder, David said it best:

“As the founder of Baobab Foods, I have always believed in the health benefits of the Baobab fruit. It was this belief that drove me to create Baobab Foods, in an effort to spread our belief in the health benefits of the fruit, and bring this important fruit to the North American food industry and consumers.” — David Bruck